Friday, March 27, 2009

Just because I can.

So, I love free stuff. I am a passionate and active Freecycle user, as well as a late night Craigslist "comber". I love to give things away to people that feel the same way- kind of like Christmas without all the emotional angst. When it works, it works, folks, and we all need that kind of love sometimes.

So, when I see a giveaway on one of my favorite new sites (The Pioneer Woman), I jump on it. Given the fact that she has thousands of entries already, I don't stand a Peep's chance in my Easter Basket in winning. It was fun, though, to contemplate a simple question like "What do you plan to do this weekend"?

So, here is my answer. Wish I could say that I was doing something wildly creative, but, unfortunately, my mojo is a bit slow at the moment, and I am feeling sort of self indulgent and soft. So, I will try to find some creative energy and do SOMETHING (as Dot at is wont to say). We all need it sometimes.

So, here is the entry- wish me luck!

I am going to have a birthday this weekend. Not a major one, but enough of a milestone towards midlife that it gives me pause. I am going to cry in my soup for a minute, then look at my beautiful sons and feel blessed.

Then I am going to head out to a favorite haunt from my old life and get the biggest boba tea (with monster tapioca pearls- hubby calls them "turd" teas), and then off to my favorite bakery (yes, I have one, hence a few more tears in the soup) for a massive cupcake with more frosting than sense.

I wish that I could get into my tiny garden, but, alas, we are getting some sleet and snow tomorrow. Instead, I fully intend to blow my entire nonexistent income on pretty garden things that I can get online. Like the worm composter that I started bidding on before I realized I could make it myself? C'mom folks! Wake up! I need the money- bid up!

The Internet shopping world is like one big window- and I intend to make some serious nose smudges this weekend. I might even add this as a new post on my god forsaken blog- one that I haven't touched in 2 months. There, one birthday resolution done already. Thanks for the nudge.

Happy living to you.

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Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I keep meaning to go to Freecycle and get rid of some things I really don't need anymore. It really is a brilliant idea. I hate when I see people throwing out perfectly good items with the week's trash.