Friday, March 27, 2009

And one more, since I forgot!

Speaking of Freecycle, when I am not doing the "Shady Lady*" porch pick up (the safest way, sometimes- and best when I am feeling antisocial), I meet the nicest people. One of them is my junk buddy, who gamely digs through fun discards at the local reclamation/salvage shop (Construction Junction- what's your function?). Another is a wacky gal that lives in a house under a huge oak tree that Washington planted. She has one of the most amazing English Style cottage gardens that I have ever seen. I owe a large chunk of my tiny garden to her.

I met another one this week, too- met a fellow artist (though admittedly one more committed than I) and got some pretty metal lanterns for my porch. She even sent me her blog to peruse. Though I am not into scrapbooking myself (the one that I started for my wedding and honeymoon is still woefully unfinished after 6 years), she has some wonderful eye candy to look at. By happy coincidence, she had a free giveaway, too! Kismet, I say. Since I do most of my surfing late night, I haven't had a chance to take in much more than a few pages, but I have added her to my growing list of "Idea sites that I fully intend to take advantage of once my life settles down and I have time to breathe". The more the merrier!

Happy living to you.

*Shady Lady porch pick up is when I pick up things that people leave for me on their porch. I generally pick up during the day since I am home (both for safety reasons and to minimize the chances of me getting hopeless lost, which happens frequently), but when most people are at work. I sometimes get suspicious looks from unsuspecting neighbors, hence the name, but if they are anything like my own neighbors, they will get used to having strange people slinking around with odd objects. All part of the fun!

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