Monday, September 22, 2008

I resisted- oh how I resisted!

Kicking and screaming I am dragged into the blogosphere...
Let me start off with saying that, like most folks in our busy little world, I suffer from the the "Unfinished Project" syndrome. You may have suffered from this malady once or twice in your life (unless you are one of those very organized and self propelled people, in which case I both despise and envy you). All of these wonderful projects, begun with such abandon and enthusiasm, left to dwindle in half finished (nearly finished, nearly totally finished but for one small detail or trifle that I must drive 20 miles into another state to procure) state until I can find that elusive few minutes to end both of our misery? Sound familiar?

I tend to refer to them as "loose ends", and to the increasing frustration of my generally even tempered husband, I have a number of them lying in wait in my tiny attic studio, waiting to lash me with their impatience to be completed. Mosaic trays, shabby chic wall decor begging to be crackled, that decoupaged mailbox that needs to be finished so that we don't leave loose mail scattered all over the kitchen? What about the scarf that I started last winter, or the rag bag that I just had to make for keeping my cats out of the yarn for the aforementioned scarf?

So, although in my almost nonexistant spare time I am totally addicted to websurfing and blog reading (in between poring over craigslist postings and keeping up with my inbox - my husband only half jokingly refers to it as my "crack"), I resisted beginning what will no doubt be yet another "loose end" that will come back to smack me in the face. I will probably set up a feed that I will stick in the corner of my MyYahoo homepage, leave myself little notes to post, maybe even fend off emails from adoring fans begging me for new messages (yeah, right!), but all will be for naught! I will be off at the park, making dinner or fixing a scraped knee, maybe even catching up on the latest espisode of "WonderPets" or "Handy Manny". Or, best yet, snuggling with my sweeties and dreaming the untroubled sleep of the happy procrastinator.

All the while licking my little "lash" wounds...

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Dot said...

glad you finally broke down! :)