Thursday, December 3, 2009

My little nose pressed against the glass....

OK, so my nose isn't little. (Thanks, Dad's side of the family), and my nose isn't really pressed against the glass- we have an LCD monitor, and my husband would kill me because I smudged the screen- but you get the idea. Christmas is nearly upon us, I have almost completed my shopping, and, for the sake of my sanity (and my bank account), I doing my best to try bury my head in the sand for the rest of the season- "try" being the operative word.

You see, I love to window shop, and to see lovely things that I could dream of having. I have a house that is pretty nearly bursting at the seams, and the bank account that is the exact opposite, but practicality be damned! There is no harm in looking, is there?

So, I look, and I dream.

Dream about things like this lovely Brandy chair from the Victorian Trading Co.

I love the lines, the scrumptious patterns- the carving....between my two sons and my passive aggressive cats, this poor chair would last a week. Sigh. A cup of strong Earl Grey and a Jane Austen novel, and blessed silence for a moment. Heavenly.

What about these beauties? I do mosaics in glass, tile, and found objects, and I am always looking for my "tessies" (tessera, or the objects being grouted together in the mosaic). I came across these droll worthy lovelies on a wonderful site called Browse a bit if you love Italian ceramics- their dinnerware is divine.

If the link doesn't work, go to the main site and search under "St. Francis".

These gorgeous creatures are modeled after those found in the St. Francis Church in Deruta, Italy, in 1524. Replicated in the same fashion as the originals, they are handmade and each is one of a kind.

I would love to add some of these to my stash, but, alas, I could probably afford just enough to make a trivet. A very small trivet. It would be one beautiful trivet, though, and I would carry it in my purse so I could accost strangers on the street and show them how lovely it is. Really. That is how beautiful is would be.

And I could quite easily trade in my car for this baby. I just adore drawers, especially little drawers- lots of little drawers filled with treasure. If I ever get around to showing my craft area, you will see what I mean.

Oh my. Just think of all of the things that I could put in those drawers, and the glass knobs? Ohhhh, yeah.
This one is on sale at Painted Porch Country Antiques. Scrumptious.

Well, after spending my son's college funds on my imaginary shopping spree, I am off to climb the wall of laundry that has accumulated in my absence. Maybe I will find a some spare change to put in the old "Wish List" piggy bank! Never hurts to dream, my friends.

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