Thursday, November 19, 2009

Overdue, just like my library books.

Once again, I am late in posting, though better late than never, right? I should probably mention that, real life, I am one of those people that is quite easily distracted. Oooh- shiny object! I am much like a cat in that regard, though the fact that I love to eat and then curl up for a nap doesn't help. I have been known to wrestle with with yarn balls once in awhile as well, though I call that needlecraft (the end result is often the same, though).

In any case, what was I talking about? Oh yes, the forgotten blog. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and paid for with overdue library book fines (I must have paid for at least one lane by now). I cherish those stolen moments when I can wholeheartedly "create", but more often than not, the world intervenes. Two small weapons of mass destruction that I call sons, lots of home projects half completed (don't even mention the word "laundry" to me), naps- well, sometimes I just forget. I often wish that I had Dumbledore's magic Pensieve- and a wand to magically capture those wonderful thoughts that come when you don't have a moment to write them down. It always happens- idling at a stop light, making dinner- those last fading moments right before sleep. You know, that magic moment when you review your day and remember all the things that you forgot? I always seem to write my more interesting ideas while drifting off...mmmmm, naptime.

I should get myself a laptop so that I can write in bed. Yeah, and pick up some yarn while I am at it...

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